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After only a year and a couple months Chase decided he wanted to keep me forever..poor guy :) He took me ring shopping on our first anniversary trip, but I had no idea when it would be coming. His proposal was quit funny. He actually had a big to do planned on our upcoming trip to Dallas with our friends for his birthday, but people were getting sick and the trip was looking like it was going to be canceled so he decided just to hand me the ring on our way out of town. I told him he had to actually ask me the question, which he did while driving down the road...yes yes we are sooo romantic!

I am not your typical girl who dreams of a big fancy wedding. Instead I wanted something small and beautiful, of course. We planned a trip to Ft. Walton, Florida for that summer and told our friends and family they were welcome to come. Everyone flew in on Wednesday to make it a long vacation, except us. We flew in on Thursday night and got married the next morning at 9 am. I remember getting to dinner that night-which we planned instead of a rehearsal and my girlfriends were like ummm is there a rehearsal. My response was you know how to walk down the aisle right...Okay, good let's eat. This was the best decision we made. We literally had a pool reception that lasted all day. To this day our wedding was best one I have been too. We actually got to enjoy our friends and family with no worries at all.

We flew our best friends in to stand beside us and my brother actually did the wedding. I laughed and cried the entire time. I look forward to showing or daughter  the video some day. 

Since then I have made it my mission to tell all young bride's to have the wedding of their dreams. So often families try to intervene their goals & dreams on couples and it drives me cray cray. I believe we should be able to have our wedding be exactly the way we want it. We spent less than half on our wedding than most people do these days and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. Not once was I stressed or concerned about the decor. I literally saw it for the first time while walking with my Dad down the aisle! Cheers to marriage & fun weddings!


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