How it all got started – Country Lace Boutique

Hey hey ladies,

Let me take you back to where my life took a sharp turn! After college I landed a great job as a pharmaceutical rep in the Dallas, Tx area. After a wonderful year I decided this was the place for me. I bought the perfect starter home in north Ft. Worth/ Keller area. Not only did I love my job, but my coworkers were the best! I traveled back home only for the holidays and Stillwater for football games, of course. My family and friends came to visit a lot because there was so much to do in the area I lived. To say I thought I had it all figured out was an understatement. I was genuinely so happy with every aspect of my life. 

So the saying God laughs when we make plans is so very true for my life. While in Stillwater one weekend hanging with my cousin, her friend’s brother showed up. They kept saying we would be a great match and I thought they were nuts. I DID NOT want anything to do with a boy 😜. I was enjoying being single and living the dream. Well, the boy asked me to dance and boy oh boy he could dance. We danced all night and had one of the best weekends of my life. On Sunday I fled town driving fast back to my big city life and away from that small town boy. My cousin laughed saying your crazy y’all are perfect. But, I was happy in dallas and he lived in a small town just 20 minutes from my hometown that I swore I’d never ever move back to. 

Long story short, only one month later I was completely in love with this small town dancing boy. Fast forward two months from when we met I was telling my company I needed to move home. Holy cow who does that??!! I had only known him two months and I was making plans to change my life.🙀 My company tried to move me closer, but it just wasn’t close enough. A close family friend recommended me for a job I was no where close to being qualified for. But, God had a plan and gave me the determination to make it happen. So within less than a year I had landed a job that doubled my pay in my hometown and sold my house for cash way over what I paid for it.

Now the fun really began. I moved in with my mom and began to build my dream home right next to my mom and oldest brother. I learned to never say never and always trust God’s plan. When he puts something on your heart it’s time to obey and he will carry you through.  



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